How Much does a Vehicle Wrap Cost?

March 4, 2014

What is the cost of a vehicle wrap? This is a question that is posed by our customers daily. The truth is, there is no immediate answer. There are many different factors that go into the pricing of a vehicle wrap. Below I will outline the information used by our shop to come to a price estimate for your project.

  • What goal would you would like to achieve with your vehicle graphics?

What do you want to convey?  are you looking to brand a fleet of vehicles?  Do you want to advertise a product or service that your company specializes in?  Do you have an upcoming event or promotion that needs exposure?

  • What type of vehicle will we be working on?  What is the paint color?

The size and type of vehicle is a major factor in the pricing of a vehicle wrap.  Wrap material is priced on a square foot basis, the larger area covered, the higher the cost.  The type of vehicle being used is also considered in estimating the installation time.  Some vehicles will have more difficult installations than others, this is not always tied directly to the size of the vehicle.  The paint color of the vehicle is also a major factor.  I am often asked, what is the best vehicle color to purchase if I am considering a wrap?  My first choice would be white, followed closely by black.  White or black vehicles give us a blank slate to work with in the design process.  They also give you the option of using a partial wrap to gain the same effect of a full coverage wrap.

  •   Do you have a design, or design ideas for your wrap?

Design is the singular most important part of your wrap.  If the design is not good, the wrap will not gain the positive return expected for your investment.  Does your company have an in-house design department that you would like to use in designing your wrap?  Even if this is the case, there will still be minimal set up time added to the cost of your wrap.  A professional vehicle graphic designer will need to take your design, set it up for our production process, and make sure it is laid out correctly to work with the exact vehicle it will be applied to.

In many cases a small business may not have access to it’s own design team.  This is not a problem, our professional vehicle graphic designer will help you come up with the design to fit your needs and achieve your advertisement goal.

  • What is your budget for this project?

Most businesses large and small pay special attention to their budgets on any project.  Each business will have a different level that they are able of willing to invest in their vehicle graphics.  At Premier Graphics LLC, it is very important to us to stay within your budget on all projects.  We will work with you to maximize your available budget while achieving the goals set for your project.

All this being said, here are some general guides to vehicle graphic pricing.

  • Lettering:  $85 – $500
  • Partial wrap: $1200 – $2200
  • Full wrap: $2200+

These are generalizations to give you an idea of a budget that would be needed to consider each option.  All of the factors listed above will be taken into consideration, and each project will be different.

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