Window Graphic Advertising

September 30, 2013

Advertising is an important part of running a business. Without advertising, your business would be known only to a limited number of people. But with so many mediums to choose from, creating advertising campaigns that work can be a bit of a challenge. Why not consider advertising right at the source, on the windows of your store?

Many businesses have windows that face out onto the street, or if they are located in mall, facing the central walkway. What differentiates one store front from another? Sure the sign above the door will be different, but when you look at the windows themselves, all the stores look alike. Why then not make the most of your windows and use them as an advertising medium?

Over the last few years, window advertising has evolved from the traditional sales notifications to more elaborate advertising campaigns. The transition has been possible trough the use of custom made decals. These decals are gaining in popularity and some businesses are using them to reinforce their branding and corporate positioning.

Using your window space to advertise your business or brand is a great way to use a tool that is otherwise relatively useless other than to let in the light and showcase a few products. These graphic decals are almost invisible from inside the store but from the outside, they offer passersby visual interest which will peek their curiosity. The ultimate goal is of course to have potential clients walk through your door.

Custom made decals are an inexpensive advertising tool and simple to install and remove. You can choose to have a design created for your store which will stay in your windows permanently or change the design on a regular basis. Your windows can become an extension your your marketing and advertising efforts. They can evolve along with your marketing campaigns and be replaced quarterly or as needed.

Window graphics can be particularly useful to business with windows facing out to a busy street. Traditional window merchandising will appeal to people walking by your store who are able to look directly at the products displayed in your window. However, anyone driving by will not be able to view these items. What better way to attract potential customers to your store than with a colorful and eye catching custom made window decal? Your store window will attract the drivers eyes and encourage them to stop by for a closer look.

With so many advertising tool available to business owners, it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge to decide which ones to use. Between print advertising, flyers, online advertising and such, the cost of marketing your business and your products can be quite high. To make a big impact without having to spend a large sum of money, consider decals for your store windows. They will appeal to your existing customers and peek the curiosity of potential clients. As with most advertising tools, differentiation is key and what better place to start than in your store windows?

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